Episode 62

Beer Cocktails 2.0

Published on: 4th May, 2021

It's a return to the virtual Hopcast and a return to a theme we've done before: Beer Cocktails.

Each of the crew come up with own variation on the theme.

Our guest is regular listener Paul who quizzes the team on their real Sheffield beer credentials (spoiler alert: it doesn't go well).

If you don't want to ruin the surprise of just how amazing Paul's beer cocktail creations are, stop reading now.

Here are his recipes:

"For Crying Out Loud" (breakfast stout cocktail)

Add a shot of espresso (Tiamo from Pollards is my choice), shot of Bourbon, (Knob Creek is my choice) tablespoon of Chocolate ice cream (Our Cow Molly is my choice) to !/3 pt of Thornbridge Necessary Evil Imperial stout, and mix.

Whip 100ml of double cream with a shot of Coffee Baileys, and float on top of stout mix.

Top with Coco pops if you are Adam!

"Tropicana Royale"

Freeze a can of Tiny rebel Clwb Tropicana for 90 mins (so it turns to a slush)

Put a shot of Pineapple gin, shot of orange juice, and 1/2 shot of sugar syrup in a glass and top up with beer slushie

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