Beer Nation 2020 - Part one

Published on: 26th December, 2020

In 2015 when the beery podcast world was much more sparse, The Beer O'Clock Show rounded up a few other podcasters to discuss the Beer industry as it was in 2015.

Five years later with over 50 UK beer podcasts, Steve (Beer O'Clock Show) rounded up a new selection of Beer Podcasters to take a fresh look at the beer world 5 years on to see what has changed. Here is part one.

Big thanks to Steve for organising it and to Emma Inch for hosting and to all the following podcasts:

Beers Without Frontiers, Rhythm and Brews, Beer with Nat, Men Beerhaving Badly, Beer O'Clock Show Hopinions, Points of Brew and Ferment Radio

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About the Podcast

Sheffield Hopcast
Sheffield Hopcast
Unpretentious beer talk from the Steel City.

Join hosts James Marriott, Adam Nicholson, Laura Rangeley and Sean Clarke (and friends!) as they discover and try new beers, meet local breweries and look at the beer scene across Sheffield

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James Marriott

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James is a Podcast Strategist and founder of Sound Media where he specialises in helping brands amplify their voice using audio marketing. His hobbies include football, Eurovision and collecting gadgets and microphones.

Adam Nicholson

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I'm Adam, co-host of Sheffield Hopcast. I'm passionate about great beer and the beer industry and like to use podcasting to express my knowledge and opinions.