Episode 5: Juice Forsyth’s Fruity Bonus

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The sun is (almost) shining so this month’s Hopcast is dedicated to fruity beers… perfect when sat out catching some rays. Adam, James, Laura, Sean and Russ try Shin Digger’s Mango Unchained, Ashover’s Damson Porter, Evil Twin’s Tropical Super Itchy and Thornbridge’s Pineapple Halcyon.. but which will be picked as our favourite? We’re in the…

Episode 4: The Lion, The Jim and The Holy Pale


Spring has nearly sprung so welcome to our Pale Ale edition – reviewing four beers which might just be the perfect first ‘outside’ drink of the year! Our venue is the White Lion on London Road and we meet Jon and his team. Adam, James, Sean, Rich and Laura-substitute Jim try Cloudwater’s Small Loral Pale, The Kernel’s Sticklebract…

Episode 3: Don King and the Petrol Mix


It’s our Steel City Special to celebrate Sheffield Beer Week! For the first time we do the Hopcast in a live pub environment, at the Devonshire Cat for the Beer Week launch event. It is a bit noisy in the background this month which we’re aware of… we wanted to give it a try in…

Episode 2: The Fantasma Menace

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Episode 2 of the Sheffield Hopcast comes from the Rutland Arms – a stalwart of the city’s beer scene – where we catch up with co-owner Kate. Hosts Adam and James are joined by Sean, Laura and Rich to try five beers including Magic Rock’s Fantasma, Little Critters’ Nutty Ambassador and Siren Craft Brew’s Calypso. We find…

Pilot Episode: Part 2

Welcome to the Sheffield Hopcast – unpretentious beer talk from the Steel City Our first episode comes from Bar Stewards – and in part two we catch up with our first Meet The Brewer as Adam and James visit Lost Industry. We find out when a pint isn’t really a pint and Adam sets the…