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Brewery Tap Fan Club

As the reopening of pubs and bars moves closer, we focus on our favourite Brewery Taps. Adam, Laura, Sean and James are joined by guest Frank, who came up with the idea for the theme. We each pick out a beer from a brewery with a taproom that we love. Well… apart from Sean who…

Wish We Were There

The panel are joined by Robin Baker from Abbeydale Brewery as they each pick a beer that represents somewhere they’d reeeeeaaaally like to be right now. There’s a real mix of locations and Sean’s completely catches James out!

Lots of Love

It’s our valentines special 2021. This year we all simply pick a beer we think represents that theme – be it a beer we love or some other meaning. And Sean might just have met his beer for life! Have a lovely Valentines however you’re spending it and remember – we love you. We really…

Sheffield Heritage

Our guest is Tom Scott who started a digital agency called Little Mesters. Long story short, we use that as the inspiration for our theme this time: Sheffield Heritage. As ever, Sean’s connection is quite tenuous! There’s plenty of beer talk and a nod to a couple of new places opening in Sheffield too.

Dry or Try

It’s Dry January! It’s Tryanuary! Well, for us, it’s both. We give the panel the choice of ‘Dry’ – an alcohol free beer – or ‘Try’ – something they wouldn’t normally pick off the shelf. We’re joined by Robin who set up an alcohol free beer delivery club in the first lockdown which has gone…