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Hopcast x Gluten Free Pint

We’ve been talking about it for ages – now we have finally gotten round to a gluten-free episode of the Hopcast. We’re joined by Matt, who runs Gluten Free Pint, to talk about the range of choice available nowadays – and of course we all crack open a GF beer.

Plus there’s plenty to talk about it, with pubs now open again – and one of the Hopcasters actually made their way to one on the day they reopened.

We reflect on the sad news that the Devonshire Cat won’t be reopening, and we discuss the ill-thought-out Sheffield Council tweet warning people ‘Coronavirus will be waiting for them’ in pubs.

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About the author, James

James is co-founder and co-host of the Sheffield Hopcast.

The podcast brings together two of his true loves - beer and talking.

Podcasting is also his profession and you can find out more on his website at

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